Gas Plant Pads & Compressor Pads
Permian Basin

4D specializes in helping companies design and develop well pads as well as gas plant locations all while keeping compliant with all safety regulations and budget requirements.

Gas Plant Pads and Construction

At 4D, we don’t only design the plant, we follow through with construction of the plant as well as complete commissioning of the project. We believe that without complete implementation of the construction, our client would not receive the full benefit of the world class design.

When it comes to Gas facility construction at 4D, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our engineering and operations teams to not only ensure that all of your project goals are met, but to also ensure that any future requirements are taken into account.

We have a wide range of experience which includes building merchant supply plants and onsite supply plants. Therefore, we have the ability to help you with details such as storage provisions, energy conservation, heavy construction, and plant-associated filtration and purification.

4D ensures compliance with government and environmental regulations to give you ease of mind.

Our Onsite Gas Production Technologies

4D is most concerned with the elements of each project which in include meeting client deadlines, fitting within a budget, and compliance with local customs and work rules.

For every project, you can rely on 4D to complete tasks on time, remain under your budget, and ensure that all safety regulations are met 100% of the time.

4D can help you design well pads that keep your site development on track and compliant.

Well & Facility Pads

4D has helped many companies in the Midland and Odessa, TX area set the groundwork needed to develop hundreds of wells. When it comes to our well and compressor pad services, we can assist you with front end services such as location selection and feasibility, as well as site permitting services. We will also provide you with site development services such as final grading plans, site inspections, water and project management, and erosion & sedimentation controls.

As mentioned above, 4D specializes in the complete follow-through of projects. For pad design and construction, this includes the planning and design of site equipment as well. At 4D, we work directly with our clients to optimize equipment layouts, develop as-built documentation for existing stations, and design pipeline connection and metering facilities leaving the pad limits. We ensure our clients that we will provide all necessary planning, permitting, and design services needed to get their facility running quickly, safely, and responsibly.