Oil and Gas Earthwork Services
Permian Basin

Earthwork in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry is one of our specialties, providing quick and competitive solutions for our clients in the Permian Basin.

Our service professionals have been in the Earthwork business for more than 20 years.

Our experience and knowledge of the oil and gas industry has helped us develop a structured approach to completing projects, safely and on time. We understand the importance of completing projects within a timely manner. Our goal is to provide a high quality of earthwork services at prices that are competitive in the market.


Earthwork Solutions

4D is one of the major construction companies in the Permian Basin region that provides all kinds of earthwork solutions for businesses and local communities.

  • We can plan and create pads for drainage to withstand heavy traffic.
  • We always provide the best local material available.
  • We use select processes to create a product that is proven to last.
  • We ensure that our earthwork servics comply with local and environmental regulations.

Greater Efficiency and Saving Costs for Our Clients

Even with careful planning and measurements there are many things that can go wrong and delay a project. The Team at 4D Understands that one key element of delivering high quality work is to finish on time. We always apply the best business practices in our projects.

Our Customer Focus: 4D is company that aims to provide a very high standard of service to our customers in the Permian Basin. We focus on improving things that really matter for our customers in the earthwork industry.
4D applies the latest technology in all of its operations. We use high quality equipment and safety standards are applied throughout the digging process.

This ensures that our customers are provided with a safe and effective production site at the completion of our project.

By applying modern techniques, we take all the guesswork out of the earthwork. The scientific approach allows us to complete jobs on time at reduced costs and remain competitive.