Well Locations, Battery Pads & Frac Pits
Permian Basin

Well Locations, Battery Pads & Frac Pits play a very important role in the oilfield industry. The tanks are used to hold the crude oil that is produced from an oil well.

We build our well locations with the drilling and operations in mind, for safety and ease of use. Our battery pads are built to last through the construction process and still stand up to everyday traffic. Frac pits are built to provide storage for ready to use water; we focus on an improved design for cost effectiveness. We can build a pit in volumes; ranging from 100,000 barrels to a few million barrels.


Frac Pit Construction

4D works closely with governmental agencies to ensure that pits are dug according to regulatory guidelines. Our team of technicians and compliance officers survey the site before commencement of work to identify how the job will be completed in the best possible way.

The team also visits the site after completion of the digging project to ensure that work has been finished with proper safety measures in place.

A number of horizontal drilling projects require more water to be available at the time of construction. For bigger projects, it is quite common for the drilling sites to hold millions of barrels of water to allow for the hydraulic fracturing process.

4D ensures compliance with government and environmental regulations to give you ease of mind.

Advanced Modeling Technique

4D uses 3D modeling to create a scope of how the project will be completed. After completing the digging phase, we apply 3D grading system to lay out the design specifics of the pit.

Pits are built in slopes and compacted to improve the quality of their linear installation. This results in stronger pit walls which last much longer.

Our engineers also pay close attention to managing the sump and how water can be used effectively to achieve the best results. Partnering with 4D in Midland and Odessa, TX gives you the best partner for designing and building your water storage pits.

4D ensures that our client operations are completed on time and run efficiently to help reduce their costs

4D Advantage

At 4D, we have a team of qualified operators who have been involved in the oil business for many years. With extensive knowledge to build pads and roads to drain.

Creating an efficient oilfield service requires experience and commitment to the project from start to finish. Ensuring the peak performance of our clients’ operations is one of the top priorities for 4D. Our operators, supervisors are trained and certified in their respective areas.

Highest Customer Service Standards

4D relies on repeat client business and customer referrals. Many of our clients are connected within the construction and resource production industries which are our target markets. They are our best source of marketing and finding new orders.

We put a lot of effort into providing the highest service quality to our customers to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with our work. We also provide our clients with optional services of consultation and maintenance contracts for their projects. It can put them at ease to know that they can rely on us in case of any breakdowns in the facility.

To find out more about our tank battery construction service or book an order online, get in touch with us today.